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What Is Microsoft Azure?

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure has been known to be an ever-expanding set of services which you would use on the cloud in order to help your organization in meeting your business challenges. It has been known to give you the freedom to build and manage the applications before deploying them on a massive and global range of networks using some of your favorite frameworks and tools as well.


When you use Microsoft Azure, you will indeed be future ready. A lot of continuous innovation from the side of Microsoft and what we know is also supported by the developments that we have today, and the product visions for tomorrow will get us through. You can build on your own terms, indeed. There is a lot of commitment to open source and support for all kinds of languages and also frameworks. You can actually build however you want and then deploy it where you want to as well. You can even operate the hybrid seamlessly and on the premises as well. You can also do so in the cloud and at the edge. Integrate and also manage the environments with the services which you have designed for the hybrid cloud. You can also certainly trust your cloud, no matter what. Get proper security from the ground up and also get backed by a team of experts and even a proactive compliance which is trusted by the enterprise, startups and even governments.

90+ compliance offerings and it also has the largest portfolio in the entire industry. 90% of all of the Fortune 500 companies have indeed trusted their businesses on Azure. There have been investments that amount more than $1 billion per year when it comes to security for the protection of customer’s data from all kinds of cybercriminals as well as cyber threats.

Healthcare: Developing solutions for proactive as well as personalized healthcare.

Financial services: All the more better service for customers and also empower employees and in the mean time, optimize the risk management.

Government: Will easily build and maintain secure solutions to make sure that you better serve as well as protect the citizens and their interests.



Retail: Will make sure to deliver personal, seamless and even differentiated experiences.

The manufacturing: Will respond quicker to some good customer feedback and even good market trends.

Azure has been known to be really secure, and it also has some really good security built in. Microsoft has indeed committed themselves into making sure that they deliver the highest level of trust, good standards and transparency when it comes to compliance with all of the comprehensive set of things. Because Azure is so secure, so many people are flocking towards it.

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